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    Flex not making server calls


      I imported some web services that are SOAP calls.  When I run the application in debug mode they make the calls just fine.  When I upload it to the server and click the button it doesn't make the call.  I tried using Firefox/Firebug and IE/Fiddler.  In both browsers it just never makes the call, there's not net activity at all.


      This is my call to the web server:



      Login.loginUser(params[0], params[1], params[2], username.toLowerCase(),MD5.encrypt(password), 0);


      Any ideas?

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          _Natasha_ Level 4


          do you get any errors? (may be they are catched and not shown)

          May be it is because of the security.

          Set -use-network=true in project properties.


          Do you call this SOAP from your server? Or it's different server. Is there a policy file there?

          If it's remote server and there is a policy file, you should set Security.allowDomain("*"); // or not all, only domain you use

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            FlexLuke Level 1

            I don't get any errors at all.  The calls are not wrapped in try catches or anything, and I have the flash debugger on my computer.  I know the application itself is working, as other buttons that don't make server calls work just fine.


            Also there is a security policy to allow calls from all domains, the problem is it never even makes the call.  There's no network activity when you click the button.  The website its on is a subdomain of the website it's making calls to if that makes any difference.

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              FlexLuke Level 1

              In case it does have something to do with the cross domain thing, I have a file call crossdomain.xml, as far as I can tell it's correct, here it is below:


              <?xml version="1.0"?>
              <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM "http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd">
                   <allow-access-from domain="*" />