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    Outline Stroke in Illustrator CS3 Broken?


      It seems that Outline Stroke in Illustrator CS3 is broken in more ways than one. The bug I'm struggling with at the moment is that Outline Stroke seems to ignore the strokes alignment. For example, if I have the stroke of an object set to "outside" or "inside" (instead of center), outline stroke creates the outline of the stroke as if it were "center" aligned. I've checked that in CS4 this bug has been fixed, but I don't have access to CS4 at work. Does anyone know of a work around or patch that resolves this, or is an upgrade to CS4 the only option?


      On a side note, Illustrator CS3 has to be the buggiest adobe application I've ever dealt with. It has so many little annoying bugs, most of which are fixed in CS4. I shouldn't have to pay for an upgrade to CS4 just to get bugs fixed though, that seems wrong.