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    Incorrect location of popup windows in RH8 after conversion from RH Office X4


      We have a CHM file created with RH Office X4. We need to Japanise it. We downloaded a trial version of RB8 and converted the project files to the new format. When we built the new CHM file with RH8, all worked OK, except the pop up windows. We noticed three issues, two of them were really frustrating.


      1) The location of the pop was window was incorrect. In the old CHM file, the windows popped where your cursor was when you clicked. In the CHM file created with RH8, on one page, the location of the pop up window was correct, but on all other pages, the windows popped up at the top left corner.


      2) The size of the pop up window was always fixed and didn't adjust to the amount of texts it contains. We only have text in our pop up windows.


      3) The pop up frame in the old CHM file had a light drop shaddow. The new frame has no drop shaddow.


      Can some one please help us? Our CHM file is quite simple and straightforward. What other software can we try? All we want to do is to support the Japanese language. We did build a project in RH8 supporting both the English and Japanese texts to make sure that the Japanese texts were correctly handled and to understand what need to be done to convert our help project. We were happy with the results, but we didn't know how to resolve that pop up issue.


      Popup issues with RH8.jpg