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    Rendering Issues

    jkmusic Level 1

      I have searched and not found any related articles. I apologize if there are.


      From day one, PPro CS4 has rendered weird and slow.  About 200% slower than CS3.  Today I finally realized where the trigger starts.  Even in SD, once a video moves from 4:3 to 16:9, this is the killer.  For instance, I have 3 minutes of a HD Mpeg video.  Interpreting it in 4:3, it needs rendering immediately on the timeline. It takes about 5 seconds.  Keeping it 16:9 SD and dropping it in the sequence requires rendering.  Hit enter, and it takes about 1hour! What happens is the render indicator jumps from 0 to 2200 in about 3 seconds, then it takes the other 3800 frames about an hour.  Note that the timer hovers at 13 minutes + and never really changes, even though this is taking an hour! Add magic bullet into the mix and 3 minutes takes about 2 hours.


      Premier doesn't render in sections either. Its all or nothing. Stop it in the middle and it starts over at the 2200 mark. 4:3 video captured in 4:3 SD doesnt have this issue.


      I have a screaming 3.4GHz system with striped OS and 6 other disks. Memory is 4GB but this shouldnt be an issue.  Please help or let me know if this is one of those bugs that won't be fixed.


      Any advice appreciated.