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    importing from flash

      I just created an animation in flash. I created the main files in Photoshop for my website. Now, I'm told to use Fireworks to create my slices before importing into Dreamweaver. Does anyone know if I can do this and if so, how do I export the flash file and bring it into Fireworks? As much detail would be very much appreciated.
      Thanks, Lauren
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          pixlor Level 4
          You can use Fireworks to slice your Photoshop files and optimize the various images for the Web. In Fireworks, use a placeholder for your Flash animation. You don't import Flash into Fireworks.
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            lpaquinhand Level 1
            Are you sure it's in Firweorks where I create the placeholder or is it in Dreamweaver? Can you explain more what I need to do with that?
            Do I just create my animation in flash, then create my slices in Fireworks and then bring the fireworks and flash files into dreamweaver and work with them together? I'm just not sure about the flash file since it is my headline and it needs slices on it. I have 4 layers. 3 of the layers are animated and the background contains my slices (menu and titles). What do I do with that?