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    Problem with content holder size in Flex-container-converted Flash clip




      I made a simple rectangular clip in Flash in order to be converted in a flex container. I converted it, drop and set the location of the content holder in it. My problem is that when I import it into Flex, the content area is a little more wide than my clip despite in Flash it has exactly the same size and location than my clip, not even a single pixel more.


      I also noticed that the extra size decrease when I scale down my clip into Flex.


      The reason of this problem may be that in Flash the graphics which constitute the clip are exactly sized and the clip has no scale, but it's different with the content holder component which starts with a lower size than my clip and is resized after. So maybe I should draw the clip with the same size as the Flex content holder component's standard one and then resize both together, but it would be a high constrain.