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    Flash-imported-Flex-container-based Flex component

    Rodo-Adb Level 1

      How can I use my custom Flash imported Flex container as a base class for an MXML component ?


      In the MXML component creation dialog box, I can't select my Flash container component as a base class, but I can force it to use it. If i do it, the MXML component is created but in design mode it says me than my base component cannot be displayed because it's not a visual component, not very handy to work with it.


      I tried to create a Canvas based MXML component and add my custom container to it, but in this case my container doesn't show in design mode. However if I add the Canvas based component to my application and run it, my custom container has correctly been added to it. One more time, it works but I can't work work with my component in design mode.


      The only thing that works correctly in design mode is to add directly the custom container to the application, and then add its subcomponents. But in this case I have to duplicate all the MXML code every time I copy the component. Not very maintainable.