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    what to do about "Error%20#2032"?


      I am getting the same message:  E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032

      I have tried all the approaches suggested by all posts, including stand-along installer and firewall bypass, and nothing works.  Same problem as others- error activating and the "try again" button doesn't work.  I have valid Adobe username and I am using XP and firefox.  Please help ASAP as I need to read books for class that are only available in digital editions format. 


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          norwichvermont Level 1

          let me elucidate-

          When I try to download directly from the Digital Editions page, I got a "download failed" message-

          when I did the stand alone installation, everything is fine, the Digital Editions screen pops up in the background, and then the error message pops up, and I am unable to open any files to read.  Now, when I try to lauch straight from the Digital Editions page, I get the background but the same error message appears.