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    Snow Loepard and Color Profiles...

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      I don't know if this post belongs here or in the InDesign forum...


      I just upgraded to Apple's Snow Leopard and am using CS3 and am printing to an Epson Stylus Photo 1400. Suddenly, all of the Epson profiles that were once available in the Adobe print dialog boxes are missing.


      Well, that's not entirely true... I can still see all of the Epson profiles when I print from Photoshop but they are missing from the InDesign and Illustrator print dialog boxes. I searched my hard drive for files with the same name as the color profile, such as SP1400 PQIJ or something like that, but I do not find any files by those names.


      Epson tech support had be re-install the printer driver but the problem remains...any ideas? (BTW, I can also see the Epson color profiles then printing from Apple's Safari or Apple's Mail.app.)

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          Was DYP Level 3

          I noticed the same thing. I made an alias of my (user) profile folder and place that into /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles or you could copy your profiles if your not printing with non Adobe products.


          What even changes were made ID cannot see profiles in the System Profile folders.

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            I had the same printing problem, with InDesign 6.0.4 and Epson Stylus Photo R800. No printer/paper profiles are offered in InDesign, but they are available in Photoshop. Epson support said it is a problem with InDesign improperly using the Epson printer driver. Exactly which "profile" folder is the source of the alias that you placed into the specified target folder?

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              JustBob Level 1

              I got the Epson profiles from:




              From there, I selected my printer, Control clicked on it and choose View Package Contents. I moved these profiles to the location mentioned in my previous post.


              I think Apple and Epson are trying to keep the profile files hidden, so that the computer will pick the proper profile after the user chooses the printer and paper they are printing to in the Print dialog box.


              I think Adobe should adopt this workflow, too. If we choose a paper type and printer in Apple's print dialog box, InDesign should recognize this and choose the proper profile in the InDesign print dialog box.


              If Adobe is listening, there is another issue, as well. Since installing Snow Leopard, I can no longer print full-bleed on size Super-B paper, 13"x19". There is a white border on the left and right edges. But, this may be an Apple/Epson problem...