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    An image base64de/en-code and xml

    Revlex Level 1

      Hi all,


      Im trying to save a image in xml not it's path or other stuff, just the hole immage, im doing this with this method: I use a bytearray(image) base64Encoder.toString(); then i save the output of it in to a XML file.


      then i load the xml file at runtime, and start decoding it.


      my question is: How can i get the decoded string into a bytearray and then convert it back to an immage?


      with big regard,



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          leybniz Level 4

          you can use Bitmap class for that, simple googling around that class will pops out tons of examples for you.

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            Revlex Level 1

            Whel now im keep getting this error: loader.loadBytes must be greater than 0


            this is my code:


            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" xmlns:s="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark" xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/halo" minWidth="1024" minHeight="768">
                    import mx.utils.Base64Decoder;
                    import mx.utils.Base64Encoder;
                    import mx.utils.StringUtil;
                    import mx.collections.XMLListCollection;
                    import flashx.textLayout.tlf_internal;
                    import mx.rpc.events.XMLLoadEvent;
                    import mx.utils.XMLUtil;
                    import flashx.textLayout.conversion.TextFilter;
                    import mx.controls.Alert;
                    import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;
                    private var new_xml:XML = new XML();
                    private var the_image:FileReference = new FileReference();
                    private var the_image_2:FileReference = new FileReference();
                    private var the_image_3:FileReference = new FileReference();
                    private var the_image_4:FileReference = new FileReference();
                    private var xml_savo:FileReference = new FileReference();
                    private var xml_load:FileReference = new FileReference();
                    private var filter:TextFilter = new TextFilter();
                    private function load_xml(e:MouseEvent):void
                        var xml_array:Array = [];
                        xml_array.push(new FileFilter("xml", "*.xml;"));
                        xml_load.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, xml_loader);
                    private function xml_loader(e:Event):void
                        xml_load.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xml_open);
                    private function xml_open(e:Event):void
                        var le_text:String = xml_load.data.toString();
                        var old_xml:XML = new XML(le_text);
                        var bas64de:Base64Decoder = new Base64Decoder
                        tekst_stuk.text = old_xml.elements("tekst_stuk").toString();
                        titel.text = old_xml.elements("titel").toString();
                        var loader:Loader = new Loader();
                        var byte:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
                        byte = bas64de.toByteArray();

                    private function loaderCompleteHandler(event:Event):void
                        var loader:Loader = event.target as Loader;
                        var bmp:Bitmap = Bitmap(loader.content);
                        img.source = bmp;
                    private function xml_save(e:MouseEvent):void
                        var bas64:Base64Encoder = new Base64Encoder();
                        new_xml = <info>
                    private function plaatje(e:MouseEvent):void
                        var arr:Array = [];
                        arr.push(new FileFilter("Images", ".jpeg;*.jpg;*.png"));
                        the_image.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, selected);

                    private function selected(E:Event):void
                        the_image.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, image_done);

                    private function image_done(E:Event):void
                        img.source = the_image.data;
                    private function plaatje_2(e:MouseEvent):void
                        var arr:Array = [];
                        arr.push(new FileFilter("Images", ".jpeg;*.jpg;*.png"));
                        the_image_2.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, selected_2);

                    private function selected_2(E:Event):void
                        the_image_2.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, image_done_2);

                    private function image_done_2(E:Event):void
                        img_2.source = the_image_2.data;
                            private function plaatje_3(e:MouseEvent):void
                        var arr:Array = [];
                        arr.push(new FileFilter("Images", ".jpeg;*.jpg;*.png"));
                        the_image_3.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, selected_3);

                    private function selected_3(E:Event):void
                        the_image_3.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, image_done_3);

                    private function image_done_3(E:Event):void
                        img_3.source = the_image_3.data;
                    private function plaatje_4(e:MouseEvent):void
                        var arr:Array = [];
                        arr.push(new FileFilter("Images", ".jpeg;*.jpg;*.png"));
                        the_image_4.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, selected_4);

                    private function selected_4(E:Event):void
                        the_image_4.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, image_done_4);

                    private function image_done_4(E:Event):void
                        img_4.source = the_image_4.data;


                <s:Button label="Load" id="load" enabled="true" click="load_xml(event);"/>
                <s:Button label="Save" enabled="true" id="save_xml" click="xml_save(event);"/>
                <mx:Image x="22" y="113" id="img" width="300" height="200"/>
                <s:TextInput x="25" y="60" id="titel" text="Titel" enabled="true"/>
                <s:TextArea x="25" y="360" editable="true" enabled="true" id="tekst_stuk" width="550"/>
                <s:Button label="Picture 1" id="btn_1" enabled="true" click="plaatje(event);" x="135" y="205"/>
                <mx:Image x="440" y="110" width="100" height="50" id="img_2"/>
                <mx:Image x="440" y="180" width="100" height="50" id="img_3"/>
                <mx:Image x="440" y="250" width="100" height="50" id="img_4"/>
                <s:Button x="455" y="127" label="Picture 2" id="btn_2" enabled="true" click="plaatje_2(event);"/>
                <s:Button x="455" y="198" label="Picture 3" id="btn_3" enabled="true" click="plaatje_3(event);"/>
                <s:Button x="455" y="266" label="Picture 4" id="btn_4" enabled="true" click="plaatje_4(event);"/>