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    Help with Dashboard Connections

    Francesco Micocci

      Hi to all Members,

        my name is Francesco and this is my first post in this community.

      I hope that is the right place to ask help!

      This is my problem:


      I created a dashboard using Adobe Flex builder 2 with same gauges, charts, etc. All these objects retrieve data from WebService.

      To monitoring Queries I use Fiddler 2 . With Fiddler I saw that when I opened the dashboard the queries don't started together but in this order:

      first and second start together;

      when first (or second) query ends, the third query starts ;

      when second (or first) ends, the fourth query starts;


      This is a possible chart to understand:



          Time    0 seconds              5seconds                        10 seconds  


      1                ----------------------------------

      2                ----------------------------------------

      3                                                  ----------------------------------

      4                                                        ---------------------------------

      5                                                                                    -----------------------



      But I want that the queries start in parallel, all together, (at 0 seconds);

      I searched in the Web (http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/201/html/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context=Live Docs_Book_Parts&file=dataservices_config_100_4.html) and I find this:








      The default max connection per host is 2. Maybe for this reason my queries start in couple.

      I don't know where I can change this value, but is possible that this code isn't related to my problem.


      If you know the resolution of my problem or have any suggestions, please help me.

      Thanks a lot!



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          What browser are you using?

          If my memory serves me, IE only allows a couple calls at a time to a specific endpoint.  Firefox is more, around 7 maybe?...  Point being, the browsers can dictate how many http calls are active at a time.


          If you have control over the server, you could do what google maps does and use some cname magic to create what looks to the browser like different urls but they all point to the same server.  Then you could make more calls at once.


          I hope that points you in the right direction, or gives you an idea of the limits of the technology.

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            Francesco Micocci Level 1

            Hi TheFlexGuy.

               thanks for your answer. It was very helpful for me.

            Only to end this topic, I write you the procedure I used to solve the problem

            (I found this procedure investigating what You had suggested me):


            The issue is due to the default behavior in Windows settings which limits the number of simultaneous Internet connections to a single web server using HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols. The behavior affects both web browsing using Internet Explorer browser and downloading file with IE, where only two or four active connections can be connected and established at the same time respectively for HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.0 server. Note that it’s different issue with security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts in Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista.”


            1. Run Registry Editor (regedit).
            2. Navigate to the following registry key:

            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

            1. Create the following two new DWORD (32-bit) Value and named them accordingly:


            1. Set the value data for the registry entries created to an integer that equal to the number of simultaneous connection requests to a single HTTP server allowed. For example, if you want the maximum number of concurrent downloads or web page loading to a single server is 8, just enter the value as 8 (Decimal or Hexadecimal). For 10 connections, enter 10 as Decimal or 000000a as Hexadecimal. By default the values are 2 and 4 respectively.
            2. Reboot system or log off and login again for the change to take effect.



            Thanks for your help!