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    Timeline goes crazy and prevents dragging clips, transitions, etc.


      Hi all,


      I have bought a camcorder and now want to decide for a video cutting solution. I am currently evaluating the trial of Premiere Elements 7. At first I have to say that I really like the software regarding its functionality and usability, but unfortunately I encountered serious problems, that make the software unusable for me.


      At the beginning when I started my project everything went fine for quite a while. But now, when I start the software and have worked for a few minutes with my project, the timeline goes crazy and the following symptoms occur:

      1. When I move the mouse cursor to the left of the Adobe Elements window, the timeline scrolls to the left, though I do not press any mouse button. Same on the right edge of the window.
      2. The worst thing is, that it is no longer possible to drag clips and transitions on or into the timeline. When I place the mouse cursor on a clip in the timeline, press and hold the left mouse button and start to move the mouse, an empty tooltip window occurs and the mouse cursor changes to a stopping restriction sign (circle with diagonal line) to indicate, that dropping is not allowed.
      3. Adjusting a clip's in or out point using the mouse via drag-n-drop still works fine.

      If I am in the state described above, I have to exit Premiere Elements, wait for a while and restart it. Afterwards I can work for a few minutes again, until the problem occurs again and another restart is required.


      I am not quite sure at the moment, but it looks like if one possible trigger to reproduce the problem on my system in my project is to simply move the mouse cursor over the vertical scroll bar on the right of the timeline. When the cursor was placed there once, the problems occur. But there seem also to be other triggers for the problem.


      To me it looks as if I have the same problem as described by others in the following two threads of this forum:

        1. Timeline - Cannot Move Tracks and Display Problems
        2. PE7: Help, can not move clips via drag n drop no more


      My project is a small standard definition widescreen project of about 1 minute 30 seconds. It contains about a dozen clips from a JVC Everio GZ-MS120 on three video tracks with assigned audio tracks and a few (about four or five) title clips on track one. Three MP3 clips are placed on the "Soundtrack". The only transitions I use are a few fades to black and back. I do not use any effects at all. I am not quite sure, but to me it looks as if the problem occured for the firsttime when I started to work with MP3 music clips and/or the titles.


      My system is a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ with 2 GB of RAM (not the newest hardware, but performance for SD-projects seems to be sufficient). I am running a German Windows Vista Home Premium.


      Looking forward to any comments and ideas...



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          JVC Everios cause problems for a lot of video editing programs, Sven. But there may be some solutions.


          First, go to Edit and select Preferences. On the first screen, change Timeline Scrolling from Continuous to one of the other options. This will reduce some of the timeline's strange behavior.


          Also, ensure that when you start a new project, you select the project presets for a Hard Drive/Flash Drive Camcorder. This will eliminate some issues that might otherwise come up as you work.


          As you add video to your timeline, you'll see a red line running along the top of this timeline, indicating that the video needs to be rendered. Press the Enter key to render often as you work.


          The FAQs to the right of this forum offer more information on working with this challenging video format.


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            sven-berlin Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            thanks for the tremendous quick response!


            1. On the last weekend I have already tried the timeline scrolling option, as I have found this in another thread -- unfortunately this didn't made a difference.
            2. I have resend my JVC to the retailer as I wasn't quite happy with the image quality and will receive a Sony HDR-CX106E during the next days. If it is really related to the JVC-MPEG-format, this should fix my issue.
            3. I will try your other hints on the coming weekend and post some feedback here afterwards -- until this I leave the question opened.


            This will help us to exclude some possible causes...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Here are a couple of thoughts on the Timeline scrolling and other possible display issues:


              1.) make sure that you have the very latest video driver - the very latest

              2,) if you have Vista, turn Aero and Sidebar off

              3.) if you have Window Blinds, get the very latest version

              4.) if you have an InteliPoint mouse driver, try removing it, and using the standard Windows mouse driver instead*

              5.) if you have a laptop and both the touch-pad and a mouse are installed and ON, turn the touch-pad OFF


              These are some suggestions that might affect your display issues.


              Good luck,




              * The MS InteliPoint has caused many display issues with Adobe products. Most often, these have manifested themselves in flashing GUI's and similar, but other odd behaviors have been experienced. If the removal of InteliPoint does help, try the very latest version, but be ready to revert to the standard Windows mouse driver.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I think you will be much happier with the Sony than with the JVC, Sven.


                However, the Sony is an AVCHD camcorder, which demands a lot of computer power. Most people who are editing AVCHD successfully are using a quad core processor and 4 gigabytes of RAM. I hope that your computer has enough power.


                Hunt's suggestions for getting the most out of your computer's hardware should help somewhat.

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                  sven-berlin Level 1

                  @Hunt: I find the IntelliPoint issue quite interesting. When the issue occured for the first time I have checked my mouse button and clicked several times as it seemed to me that Premiere Elements hasn't got the necessary button release event and was confused by this. So this suggestion sound quite promising to me, as I do not really have display problems, but only handling problems. I will try this and provide feedback.


                  @Steve: Thanks for pointing on this, but I am aware of the AVCHD performance issue. For the end of the year I have scheduled to buy a Quad-Core system with 4 GB. Until then I will either live with the SD-feature of the Sony which (according to the data sheet) creates MPEG2-files and I have the hope that their quality will be better than the JVC's or if the quality is not suitable I will convert the AVCHD to MPEG2 files and use them for work in Premiere Elements. I hope my system is powerful enough to edit HD MPEG2 files...?

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                    sven-berlin Level 1

                    Regarding the Sony cam (just in case if someone hit this topic and wants to hear the results): I am quite happy with this. It's SD videos look quite better than those of the JVC. As forseen by Steve my computer has not enough power to work on the AVCHD files, so I stick with the Sony's SD files which are standard MPEG-2 until I receive my new computer in the next months...


                    To keep information in one place, the discussion regarding the original problem continous in this discussion.