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    360 to Cubic Panorama converters for PC

    Jack_Daubs Level 1

      I want to experiment with HDR panoramas in After Effects. I know I can take 360 panoramas and use the CC Sphere effect with some expressions to get a skydome linked to a 3D camera in a scene, however it only works in 8 bit so I lose any chance of working with exposure in HDR files. There is Trapcode's Horizon which does work with HDR but I wasn't so comfortable with it.


      There's a great set of tutorials by Carl Larsen on Creative Cow (called Building a Cube World) about using cubic panoramas in After Effects, which would allow me to work natively with HDR images and panoramas without any tools other than the standard ones that come with After Effects. However the usual methods for making panoramas are about creating 360 ones.


      Has anyone come across any free plug-ins for Photoshop or PC based tools for converting 360 panoramas to cubic ones?


      So far I've looked at Hugin, PTgui, the Panoguide website and Christian Bloch's site on HDR ( www.hdrlabs.com ) but not found what I'm after.