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    What happen to my keyboard shortcuts?

    concort Level 1

      I used to be able to press the space bar down while in Illustrator vs CS and the hand would pop up and allow me to scroll around my workspace/page. I could also hold down the shift key while clicking on an image or text in Illustrator and scale the thing proportionaly....Both of these functions are gone for some reason. I don't remember changing any settins/preferences or anything. How do I get these valuable short cuts back.


      I realize there are keyboard shortcuts that Illustrator defaults for things like the hand popping up (I think it's the "H" key) but then that tool stays up until you switch back. I don't want that...I just want to be able to hold down the space bar like I used to and the hand comes up so I can quickly scroll around my page. This is the same case for Photoshop too. I do I get that back??


      Thanks in advance for any help here!