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    Flex/AIR Audio Streaming

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      I have an admittedly vague question, and I am asking it here only because there are many people in these forums more knowledgeable than me about Flex/AIR development. I am looking for a way to take audio from the my user's microphone and stream it to another point on the network (which will then take that audio and rebroadcast it to other clients - this part of the equation is only indirectly my concern because I'm developing the GUI, not the backend or server which will control what happens to it when it leaves the client).


      My involvement in this project is limited to just getting audio from the mic to [somewhere else] over IP.


      I apologize for the amount of lack of detail, but I've just had this dropped in my lap about a week ago, and after poking around the web I've found many Flash Voip links and demos, but I'm just looking for a way to stream audio from my mic to another point on the network. My project is a Flex/AIR project, and I was looking more for a component based solution (perhaps a .swc) instead of whole other application which does this on it's own.


      So my questions is:


      Is there a solution available (such as a .swc) that can stream audio from point A to point B ?, and if not, how is this type of thing done. I've never done it before, and I'd be open to any suggestions. Any guidance or info is appreciated.


      Thanks .