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    In there a limit on an FLV's length?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi - I have an 11 minute video (.MOV) that I want to convert to an FLV.  The file is about 29GB.  I first tried to convert it using the CS3 Video Encoder but only the first 5:00 were converted.  I tried this a few times with different settings but got the same results.  Then I switched to Cleaner but again, only about 5:00 was converted.  The length is not exactly the same but close enough for me to think that there might be a 5:00 limit to how long an FLV can be.  Or is there a limit to the size of MOV the encoding process will handle?


      Can anyone shed some light on this?




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          Rothrock Level 5

          I'm sure there is some limit, but it is a lot longer than 5 minutes.


          I have no idea what is wrong in yoru case, but I have often done 10 ad 15 minute videos and I'm sure there are folks who have done 30 and 60 minute presentations and such.


          So keep digging....and let us know if you find something....