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    Keyboard Shortcut for eyedropper

    andib311 Level 1



      This is a problem I frequently encounter and I just wanted to know if threre was a keyboard shortcut solution.


      Let's say I have a line of plain text I've just typed, which is still active and has the flashing cursor present at the end of the line. Any keyboard shortcuts I press now count as more text being typed, so I hit escape (Esc) and I am back to the usual Selection tool. All very good and well BUT...


      Lets say, with the text field still active, I've highlighted the text and want to use the Eyedropper tool to recolour it by clicking another element on the artboard. Ctrl+I usually brings up the Eyedropper tool but in this scenario, a spellchecker appears. Ctrl+Alt+I puts paragraph markers in the text field and Ctrl+Shift+I seems to do nothing.


      Is there a keyboard shortcut to temporarily access tools like the Eyedropper with text highlighted, without first having to escape the active text field? I'm almost certain I discovered this by accident once, something like keeping the keys held down the whole time you want to use the temporary tool(?), but it may have been a glorious dream...

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          Jesseham Level 4

          I don't know of a default way of doing it, but you can always assign that control-i shortcut to it in your custom keyboard shortcuts (taking it away from spellcheck).  On the mac, it's at the bottom of the edit menu.

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            andib311 Level 1

            Thanks Jesseham,


            Unfortunately this does not solve my problem as the keyboard shortcut assigning dialogue forbids "function keys or Ctrl, Alt and other modifiers" for Tools. To call Tools using the keyboard it seems you are limited to a single alpha-numeric key - which of course is not useful when text is highlighted.


            I'm certain there was a way to temporarily call tools using a modifier key combination, whilst text was highlighted, that returned to the Type tool once you'd released all the keys...

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              [scott] Level 6

              You could use swatches if the color you want is in the Swatch Panel. Just double-click the Fill box at the bottom of the toolbar and choose a swatch.


              As far as I'm aware, there is no way to use the eyedropper tool in any way, shape, or form, if you have highlighted text.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                This is what you accidentally did; you held the command (control on a PC) key down and you click on the text path and that selected the path you still still have the text field active and the Text tool available so you cans still highlight text if you want.


                But if you do not highlight the text but simply hit the I key then you get the eyedropper tool, s the short cut for the eyedropper i the I key and not command or control + I. You then hit the T key and the text tool is back and you do not have to reselect your text.


                I see you must be on a PC so substitute the control key for the command key.