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    [JS CS4] Folder Path Problems


      The following script simply exports an EPS to the same folder as the InDesign document.


      How do I get it to export to a folder that is one level up.


      eg: C:\MyFiles\Docs is where the InDesign document is, but I want the EPS to export to C:\MyFiles


      The folder paths are not always this simple.



      if(app.documents.length != 0)
      var file = app.documents[0].fullName;
      var myFileName = file.fullName.replace(/\.indd$/i, ".eps");

      //EPS Export Settings
      app.epsExportPreferences.epsColor = EPSColorSpace.cmyk
      app.epsExportPreferences.dataFormat = DataFormat.binary
      app.epsExportPreferences.postscriptLevel = PostScriptLevels.level3
      app.epsExportPreferences.preview = PreviewTypes.tiffPreview
      app.epsExportPreferences.fontEmbedding = FontEmbedding.none
      app.epsExportPreferences.appliedFlattenerPreset = "[High Resolution]"

      //app.documents[0].exportFile(ExportFormat.epsType, File());
      app.documents[0].exportFile(ExportFormat.epsType, File(myFileName));

      alert("EPS Export done!")


      alert("No documents are open!");