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    Bookmarks won't redirect to the specified location

    Luis Cárdenas

      Hello everyone


      Ok. Let's see if I can put this into words. I have a one-page document with 10 bookmarks (that I created in Acrobat 4.0) that redirect to a 10 page document. Each bookmark takes to a different page in the latter document, i.e. bookmark 1 takes to page one, bookmark 2 takes to page 2, etc. It works fine with Reader 5.1 and 9... the problem comes when I try to view it within the web browser. Here's what happens:


      All of the bookmarks in the one-page document redirect to THE FIRST page of the 10 page document!


      I've been struggling for some hours but still haven't found a solution. Any ideas anyone?


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



      Luis Cárdenas