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    Inconsistent color values across CS3 apps

    Hartleyb4 Level 1

      I am using CS3 on a 2.66 quad core Intel Mac running 10.5.8.


      I am working with an InDesign file with many links. When I click the edit link button on the links palette in InDesign my image opens in Photoshop just as expected. I use the info panel in Photoshop to take a color reading and decide I need to edit. Any adjustment items (Levels/Curves) that I open cause the readout in the info palette to jump, both the before and After readings. I have a c:1, M:1, y:1 turn into a c:10, m:8, y:8.


      If I open the file directly from the server or from my local desktop into Photoshop, This problem does not exist. The values stay the same until I actual make an adjustment.


      I have restarted. Same problem. I have deleted all preferences for Photoshop, InDesign, & Bridge. Same Problem.


      My admin logged in under their name and this problem disappeared.


      Does anyone know what setting or preference I need to change/eliminate to stop this problem?

      My biggest concern is that my final files will have some issues on press as a result of this.