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    Replace layer from history feature.

    Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

      Here's a little thing I've been missing - the ability to replace a layer, with the active history step easily.


      As an example lets say you have an adjustment layer, which you recently modified. You compare it with the original snapshot, the one created when you open the file, and you say 'hang on what I did this session looks like complete rubbish, I want to replace it with the layer from the snapshot quickly'. A control click and the option to choose "Replace Layer From History" would be a quick way to do this. This would of course work with any layer.


      I'm of course aware that there is a workaround where you can create a new document from any snapshot, and then drag to replace and delete the old layer - but this one click method would be much appreciated.


      Thanks, appreciating your love and support.



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          Hmm, an interesting idea.


          There would be some limitations:  the depth, color mode, and layer organization (at least near the target layer) would have to match between history states.   And I think it needs a bit more UI to make it understandable.


          We'll add that to the wish list.

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            Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

            Thanks Chris…


            • I guess mode conversions would require an automatic or warned conversion for pixel layers.


            •  No mode conversion can be done retaining adjustment layers so I'm not sure how that would be a problem, because there would be no current layers in the file that relate to the history state.


            Maybe if you convert the mode the whole operation just becomes impossible/ grayed out?


            •  Layer oganization - hmm I guess thats one which I hadn't considered. I assume history states must have 'identifiers' attached to each layer, othewise the history brush wouldn't work. So relacing an entire layer with history, similar to paste with history, shouldnt be that difficult unless I'm missing something.

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              shouldnt be that difficult


              Please, apply for an internship here.  I've got some things to teach you....