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    Exporting for Website Development in Dreamweaver


      I am having some problems exporting my website layout that I created in Fireworks CS4 for development in dreamweaver.  I read all of the adobe tutorials on slicing and exporting but I think the problem is that I have something set up wrong with the pages, the vertical navigation menu and the rollover effects of the vertical nav. menu.


      Here is a quick overview of my site layout followed by the problem that I am having:

      1. Transparent background

      2. Master page + 12 other pages

      3. Rectangular header, body, footer and right side panel.

      4. For the left side panels I have 2 mis-shaped objects that I designed in Fireworks. (this is the area of the export problems).  On top of the mis-shaped panels on the left side of the page are rectangles which have text on top of them.  I have the rectangles and text functioning as navigation buttons with rollover effects.  When I test them the rollover effect displays correctly and when I click them it takes me to the correct page that they are linked to.  The problem is when I export the mis-shaped side panels and the nav buttons with their rollover effect.  No matter how I have applied the slice, something goes wrong.  The 2 most common problems that I have after export are as follows:

      1.  The mis-shaped background panels are no longer gradient (they are solid blue) and the mis-shaped panels are rectangles and the buttons work but do not have a rollover effect.

      2.  When I place a slice over the mis-shaped panels and the buttons, the panels look the same after exporting but the buttons no longer function or have a rollover effect.


      Please help...all I want to do is have the 2 mis-shaped panels with their buttons and the rollover effect function on all 13 pages after export.  Could someone please tell me how I have to export them and if I should have a master page set?  I would appreciate it if someone could include what I should and should not have selected for the export options.


      Thank you in advance for anyone that can explain this to me.