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    Recording Audio for Imported PowerPoint

    Chaplain Doug Level 1
      I created a Captivate 3 project by importing a PowerPoint file. Now I want to record the audio to go along with the imported slides. When I select the first slide then select Audio>Record>From This Slide, I only get 2.7 seconds before each slide disappears and the next appears. What I want to do is be able to click the mouse when I want to advance to the next slide. That way I can record what I want to say for a given slide, click the mouse and continue speaking what I want to say for the next slide. How can I do this? Or is there a better way to accomplish what I am after?
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          KCWebPlaza Level 1
          I'd suggest looking at the time allocated for each slide - either right-click a slide and in the Properties, look at the time allocated. You can type in a new number (in seconds).

          I think a better solution would be to use the Timeline. When you record audio into each slide, look at the waveform (probably near the bottom row) and see how many seconds it is. You can lengthen the time for the overall slide here to match the waveform time requirements.

          It sounds like you've recorded audio using Breeze (Presenter), because in that application you playback the presentation and click when you want to proceed. Captivate's a little different. Once you get used to it, you actually have more precise control
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            I have a similar problem whereby I want to sync my voice recording with the animations of the PowerPoint slides. The animations are imported along with the PPT slides, however when I record audio, the animations build very quickly--much faster than I can speak appropriately.

            After all animations have built, the image remains static (I can set it in the timeline to stay on the screen for the length of the narration)...but this is pointless. The purpose of the training is to explain each step (animation) as it happens--not have it all go by in a blur.

            How do I accomplish this? I assume there should be a way...but I can't figure it out.