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    Help! Getting a message when trying to import WAV files




      I'm so panicked- if I don't have a solution, I will have to be working all Labor Day to re-do my work, or - every night thereafter for a week.

      So I have recorded many voicetracks as WAV files, one track for each slide. When I drag them in to import, half import just fine. And half result in the following error message:


      Unable to decode and import the selected WAV/MP3 file


      There doesn't seem to be any pattern to which ones import successfully and which do not. For instance Tracks 1-6 were fine. 7-18 were not. 19-25 were also fine.


      I did try doing all this both from the network and from my hard drive- this didn't seem to be a factor though.


      I am using Captivate 3. Also using Adobe Soundbooth to edit the tracks.


      Please help! I'd be so so grateful!


      Thank you,

      Dee Stark