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    Layout Effects, infinite loop.

    viatropos Level 1



      I'm trying to do very simple effects in a layout (move and rotate in 3D, using AnimateTransform), and it's forcing update of the layout when the animation starts and when it completes, which I don't want.


      Here's the gist of the effect, where "targets" are all the GroupBase's children:



           // capture start values from the targets

           effect.targets = targets;

           if (effect is Animate) //


                (effect as Animate).disableLayout = true;

                (effect as AnimateTransform).applyChangesPostLayout = true;


           (effect as Effect).propertyChangesArray = (effect as Effect).captureValues(null, true);


           var n:int = (effect as Effect).propertyChangesArray.length;

           for (var i:int = 0; i < n; i++)


                (effect as Effect).propertyChangesArray[i].end = properties[i]





      If I set "disableLayout" to true, when the animation is complete, it sets "autoLayout" to true on the parent, which causes the layout to run again.  If I set "disableLayout" to false, then it updates the layout every time a property changes.


      How do I get around this?


      I did my own custom "capture start" "capture end" functions to avoid the LayoutManager.getInstance().validateNow() calls in the Effect.as class.