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    Presentation DVD Cases

    WillinToListen Level 1

      Can anyone recommend a dvd case that does not require a printed paper insert?  These are very expensive to purchase and print.  I print labels on my DVD's and am looking for a case where when closed, you can see one of the printed dvd labels.  I've seen CD jewel cases with a hinged tray or insert that would work but I have read not to put dvd's in cd jewel cases.  Help is appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I've never seen anything like that, Will -- at least if you're talking about a larger, book-style DVD case (not a jewel case) with a clear cover or a window on the front. I also searched all over Amazon for anything even remotely like it.


          Do you know that these things really do exist?

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            WillinToListen Level 1

            I don't know if they exist.  I have seen exactly what i want in a CD jewel case.  There are two problems with those.  One is they are made of hard plastic and break very easily and the other is that I have read not to put DVD's in them.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Back when CompUSA was active in my area in the Western USA, I bought up all of their 4-DVD and 10-DVD cases. These were essentially your normal DVD/CD cases, but designed for either 4, or 10 discs. The "cover" is clear, so the printed front shows through. Unfortunately, in most markets, they are no longer in business. Also, these came with only the CompUSA logo, so I do not know who actually manufactured them. For what you are asking for, they are great.


              As most of my clients require a single disc for their work, I can either go with a clear slimline, or with a standard, and print the covers. I have a couple of templates for these and just run them through Photoshop and off to the Epson R-1900.


              Good luck, and if I can find any info on the mfgr. for those cases, I'll share that.



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                WillinToListen Level 1

                Thanks for your response.  Seems so odd that you can print DVD's but it is not possible to buy a nice desplay case that shows the label you created and keeps the dust off them at the same time.  Have them for CD's but not DVD's!  Strange...

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                  Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  So, tell me.  Why is it ok for CDs and not DVDs?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Peru Bob,


                    You took the words right off my keyboard.



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                      WillinToListen Level 1

                      That's why I wrote the question.  I have read at multiple websites that you should not use CD jewel cases for DVD's.  They are not designed the same as DVD cases.  the hub is different and jewel cases will damage the structure of the DVD because they are made differently than CD's.


                      True?  I have no idea - that's why I am asking the forum.  Do any of you use CD jewel cases and had success with them?  If yes, which ones?


                      Thanks for the help...

                      - Don

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Well, for what it's worth, you can put the DVDs in those CD cases. They're the same size.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          I have never had a problem with any of the various cases that I have used. Some are labeled as CD, but then they are quite old and probably before the advent of the DVD disc. Some are labeled as CD/DVD, and these are much newer.


                          Can you post a link to one, or more, of those Web sites? I have never heard of this as a problem, but maybe I've just never encountered this. I just might learn something new from your post. Would not be the first time...


                          I can say that many of my DVD's have been in many different jewel cases of several different types, and I have yet to encounter a problem - that I am aware of. Just because I've not had any issues, does not mean that the potential does not exist. I do not want to make a blanket statement, that might prove to be totally incorrect.


                          I'd be very curious to find out what the physical/mechanical differences might be.





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                            Kodebuster Level 3

                            I've been using the cheapest SlimLine Jewel Cases from Staples for years, on both CD's and DVD's, with absolutely no problems.


                            They come in clear and assorted colors, up to 100 per box, and it states specifically that it's use is intended for CD or DVD.


                            If you label directly to the DVD, the DVD label will show through perfectly with these cases.


                            Here's the Staples link and you can view for yourself:




                            Or just got to Staples.com and search on Jewel Case for an assortment of value packs.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              That is basically one of the types that I use. The branding is slightly different, but the cases look exactly the same.


                              I also have some of the old-style (non-slimline), and will do printed inserts for those. This is usually when I need to include "liner notes" to the back panel with info, table of contents, etc., and I just do the cover from the artwork that I used for the DVD printed surface, though the full 4" x 4".


                              I'd love to find out what the problem with these cases is, when used for DVD storage. I have never experienced, nor have I heard of such - yet...



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                                WillinToListen Level 1

                                Sorry to be so long - I was working.  Here's a link I happened to write down:  http://www.manifest-tech.com/media_dvd/dvd_compatibility.htm


                                Here's the section under subtitle, "Disc Rot";

                                Pressed Discs: "Disc Rot"

                                First up is the issue of "disc rot," movies on DVD that become unplayable after some period of time.

                                The replicator/duplicator perspective was presented at the conference by Melodie Gee, Vice President and General Manager, Content Delivery Solutions, with Metatec International in Columbus, Ohio (www.metatec.com). Gee described several causes of induced manufacturing problems from inappropriate materials that could result in lower-quality discs. These included poor adhesives that could cause the layers to split, impure metal, poor resin (recycled or lower grade polycarbonate, or even the rumored use of acrylic), inks that are not formulated for low shrinkage, and even misalignment of the center hole. As a manufacturer, Gee stressed the importance of proper premastering and the use of DVD test equipment to verify the discs.

                                Gee also elaborated problems that could be caused by inappropriate packaging, including hub damage from standard (CD) jewel boxes, warping from shrink-wrap or flimsy mailers, and even damage from improper gluing in the packaging.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  including hub damage from standard (CD) jewel boxes,

                                  Thank you for the link. This is something that I have never heard of, nor have I encountered - yet. It's interesting, to me at least, that all of the rest of that piece is info that I have come across in the past. Jim Taylor, author of DVD Demystified, and one of the many developers of both the CD and the DVD mentions many of them, but fails to comment on the hub damage.


                                  Your comments and link are greatly appreciated,