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    Cant read ebook because its linked to an old address.




      Some time ago i bought some ebooks and have them on the ebook providers system.  I went to download them (acsm file) and upon clicking Adobe Digital Edition is launched.  To enable reading of the ebook i am required to login using my email address and password.


      Heres the Problem

      1. The user name email has been cancelled
      2. I know the user name email but if i request a pass (which i dont know) then its sent to the cancelled address.


      I cant therefore login to read all my books which are locked to a now defunct user name and password.


      The other option is;


      1. Lock the book against the computer.


      I dont want to have to do this as the books then have a finite shelf life and if i get rid of my pc then thats it, my books are gone from what i gather.



      I cannot believe the mucking around ebooks have, i cant even print them, have limited downloads and now the issue i cant read them or face the prospect of locking them to my pc!... all for a near similar price i could have bought the hard copy and have piece of mind of picking up a physical hardcopy and putting it back on the shelf.  Not a nice entry into the digital world is it.


      Hope anyone can help.


      Thanks in advance.