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      I could get this plugin to work with a Hudson build server and the Violations plugin. My problem is that the pdm.xml contains the paths to the source files as below:



      <file name="home/hudson/.hudson/jobs/MyProject/workspace/ContactForm/src/com/arcad/projects/sol erati/contactform/events/SamplesEvent.as">

            <violation beginline="15" endline="15" begincolumn="14" endcolumn="14" rule="adobe.ac.pmd.rules.event.PublicVariableInCustomEvent" ruleset="Event Rules" package="com.arcad.projects.solerati.contactform.events" class="SamplesEvent.as" externalInfoUrl="" priority="3">No public variables should be inside a custom event. This variable (sample) is public. In order to improve encapsulation in your custom event, it is better not to have public variable in your event. Prefer having read-only attributes, set by the event constructor</violation>




      So they are basically absolute file paths from system root, and not relative to the workspace root. So the Violations plugin can not pick up them and show the source code.


      Is there a way to tell the plugin where is my workspace root, and force it to show the paths from there?


      Cheers, Balazs