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    How do I replace a graphic symbol that contains text ... ?


      How do I replace a graphic symbol ?  It is actually made up of 3 layers including a textbox and bullet.  When I double click on the symbol, I get the Text Properties menu.


      When I single click on the symbol on the stage, the properties menu shows a Swap button.  When I choose the correct symbol and click OK, it looks like it worked but it still shows the original symbol name (Instance of it) on this Properties menu.


      Another issue is that when I change one of the symbols (by double clicking on the symbol and then double clicking on the text layer), it does change the text on that layer. However, then it changes the text on the other symbol as well even though they are different symbols.


      Note that I can edit the original symbol and the new one.  Both symbols are different.  In other words, they each show the different text (which is what I want).  It's like the original symbol is attached/embedded and cannot be changed.


      Background on this issue:  Rather than create a brand-new layer, I copied all the frames in a layer to a new layer because it has a motion tween on it.  I only need to change the symbol that is in the motion tween.  This is the only action/event happening on both layers.



      This should be so easy...  I have read many Q&As on this Forum and the Adobe Flash Help trying to figure this out.  Thank you for your help.