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    Huge swf publishing time

      I am creating a big but very simple multi scene flash movie in Flash Professional 8. It features 6 straightforward "go to and play" buttons which take the viewer to named scenes within the movie. The buttons appear at the foot of every one of 40 scenes but they are just instances of the same six buttons and their script is ultra simple. Prior to adding the nav buttons, the movie published to swf or .exe file in about 15 seconds max. After adding buttons the publishing time is around an hour! The last time it failed to publish even when left overnight. I have created many such movies in the past with no such problems - but this is the first I have created using Flash 8. Can anyone throw any light on this - I am rushing for a client deadline and getting desperate!...

      Cheers, Andy
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          samdl1 Level 1
          Thats a very odd one! Publishing time should be virtually nothing...the only time a small file can cause publishing issues I know of is when you have several nested recursive functions that have a huge load but dont quite hit the 256 you need for flash to crash out. When the movie eventually publishes do you have any problems running it?

          The only other suggestion I have is to restart your computer and try again as that sometimes resolves wierd problems like yours