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    Server side function not get called after dispatching cairngorm event second time on same page

    Alpha1983 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am facing a urgent issue regarding cairngorm event. Actually my page contain 3 button add,delete,save


      and  clicking of any button I do the respected functionality. For ex:


      I click the add button & on clicking of add button I fire a cairngorm evnt & after getting response from server side that the record is added

      I displayed a message that the record is added & update the data source.


      After addition of the record , with out going to other page if I perform the same functionaly(Like adding another record) on same page the cairngorm

      event not call the server side function  -  after debugging I find out that cairngorm event  reach to the corresponding excutecommand function & called that function  but it is not calling my server side function & I also din't get any error message .


      I dont know why  the server side function not get called?. similarly if I try for delete or update case the same things happend. Only for the first time it works properly but not for the second  time.


      Could any of  you please tell me why the cairngorm event not calling the server side function.


      Thank you for your kind assistance.