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    Intermittant problems with slow motion and crash of Premiere Pro

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Many complain about Premiere Pro's instability.


      Since a couple of days I have the same problem. Every time I want to navigate from A to B, Adobe seems to either introduce a severe SLOW MOTION effect on it's own accord, that I never put in !!!, or it just CRASHES with an error message along the lines "Problem, Try again" or similar.


      This is utterly frustrating !!! I have been trying for over 6 hours today to get this remedied, but no luck.


      Looking back over the past days, the problems seem to have grown exponentially both in frequency and in duration.


      Of course, this is not about the program, but about the Premiere Pro Forums.


      Is there a 300-day refund period for Jives???


      I suggest you use that opportunity Adobe. This is