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    Can you change rollover text in the same slice for different triggers?

    tomrabbit Level 1

      Hi, I haven't used Fireworks since version 3, which was about 6 years ago, when I dabbled in web development.  My past has come back to haunt me, and I need to make a fairly simple website pretty quickly for my boss.  I've got myself CS4, and now that I've figured out that you can't use buttons for disjoint rollovers, I'm starting to make progress...

      What I want to achieve, is that there are 6 'buttons' on my page, which when you rollover them will display text in a box to the side.  I would use separate boxes for each button, but there isn't enough space on the page, as there is quite a lot of text, so I would like to use a box in the same place to display any of the 6 texts, depending on which button is rolled over.  Can this be done?

      I probably haven't quite got my head round layers, and this may be very simple, but could someone please point me in the right direction, even if it is a link to the right bit on product help?

      Because the button disjoint rollover doesn't work, I have created 6 slices for the triggers.  I tried hotspots first, but couldn't use them as I also want a rollover live filter effect on the trigger.