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    Working with snippets and user defined variables

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      Hello all, forum was down all day?


      Anyway, I have 2 questions.


      1. With snippets, I create a new snippet absed on a topic, though the topic is not related to the snippet in anyway from what I can see. So I can create a snippet from a topic, and delete the original topic and keep the snippet? right. I would have thought the snippet would relate to the topic somehow.

      Also, is there a feature somewhere to create folders to store/sort snippets, I am going to end up with alot, hundreds and would like to organise them if possible. having a huge list is a bit difficult to search after a while.


      2. Regarding variables, is it possible to make variables display so they stand out ina  document, when I use them they appear as normal text and its hard to look at a topic and see where variables are used. something to set a color background or something.


      Thanks for any help.