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    Newbie:  Download/Install Flash 9 plugin


      I am rather new to Flash but have been in software/web development for more than 20 years.


      I have a project which I have to provide specs on which entails updating over 5000 SWF files from Flash 6 to Flash 9 on about 1000 classroom PCs that do not have internet connectivity.


      Currently, I am simply just trying to setup one test machine but I can't seem to find the Flash 9 plugin to download and install.  All I seem to find, even with a google search is Flash 10.


      Can someone direct me to where I can download the Flash 9 plugin and how to install it on my test machine?


      I own Flash CS3 Pro so if there is some way to just copy components from it to the target machine, I would appreciate instructions to do so.