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    Serial number issues!

    Tony Jaycott

      I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes....


      I'm a student in UK and I recently purchased CS4 design premium education edition for my mac. I sent off the application for a serial number, and recieved it. However it is yet to be recognised on the several attempts i have made to enter it. I tried to call them today but the hold music was playing until their office hours ended. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas before i try again?? Please not that I have installed it with the language as UK English just as they advised me in their email.



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          Did you ever get this figured out?  I am in the EXACT same situation and it's been a week now with multiple phone calls with people that have such thick accents it really makes it difficult and draws out the process because they have to repeat everything.  I have requested a NEW serial number but haven't heard back of course.  I have had the worst customer service on this situation.  From here on out I will just walk into the Mac store and purchase it, no more downloading from Adobe for me!!!!