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    about Kuler color wheel

      does anyone know how to compute the same color wheel ? If I'm not wrong, kuler expose an
      additive color wheel (green is in front of red, not cyan). Illustrator expose the same color wheel.
      other programs, use additive color wheel (cyan is in front of red) witch is very simple to compute
      using HSV color space.
      does the kuler color wheel is a distorded Hue space ? how to compute it ?
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          charles badland Level 4

          This is an old thread, but an interesting question. It looks like Kuler is using the "painters" color circle - (Orange-Blue complements and Green-Red complements) and not the additive circle, where complementary colors are found at 180º from each other in the HSB model. (Blue opposed to Yellow, Red opposed to Cyan and Green opposite Magenta)

          I wonder why Adobe went with a more archaic circle - based in the history of paints and limited pigments, and not a more current and mathematical one rooted in the way computers deal with color.