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    ColumnChart - 3D Item Renderer problem

      I'm building a 3D column chart and am finding that I need to draw the columns in a specific order other than the default, which appears to be by series.

      Things go just fine until the z-order depth is greater than the distance between the series. Once that occurs, the potential exists for things to go south.

      To demonstrate the issue, I've put a few screenshots here:
      3D Column Chart Images

      My question: Is there a way to define, or otherwise take over the drawing order of the ColumnSeriesItems? I want to draw the columns in the order they appear from left to right, but Flex seems to want to draw by order of series - first Series1, then Series2, then Series3, etc.

      I'm looking through the Framework source code, but I haven't found a way around this - yet. Of course, if there's another approach, like using some clipping method I'm not aware of, etc, please feel free to clue me in.

      Thanks in advance to anyone with useful info.