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    Scaling SWF in PDF (FlashVar)


      I'm currently strucling with an exported SWF file from Indesign, which I want to import in an interactive pdf. The importing isn't the problem, but it appears the SWF file does not scale with the pdf, when for example putting the pdf in fullscreen (or ctrl + ctrl -).


      When I'm importing a SWF file which has the following actionscript: "stage.scaleMode = "extactFit";" it will work. But since I'm not in control of Indesigns export capabilities, I can't change this actionscript (I'm aware of changing the actionscript with the special decompiling tools, but then the "page transitions' from Indesign don't work anymore).


      Furthermore I saw the special features when importing the SWF file, like the FlashVar options, but I really tried everything here to make it work. Apparently I don't know how it works, or Acrobat is failing...?


      Maybe some of you had this problem before, please let me know!