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    Issues when CSS :hover is at edge of app, and SystemChrome = none


      Has anyone else had any problems with their application having a hover state in CSS near the edge of their application's UI?  When my UI element that has a :hover state is immediate at the edge of the visible portion of the application, and my mouse moves from said element to either the invisible canvas, or outside the app window itself, the hover state never changes.  It doesn't appear to detect the mouseout change.


      Is this a limitation of AIR?


      Will I need to use JavaScript to handle the UI state change with class switching instead?


      Am I missing something ridiculously easy?


      An example image of my very simple app can be seen here:


      If I move the mouse DOWN from the green button, the hover state switches back because the mouse momentarily touches another UI component of the app.  If I move it vertically, it remains.  If I move to the left from the purple button, it also remains in the hover state, etc...