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    Sketchflow vs Catalyst


      fellow Catalyts,

      I happened to be at a recent M$ demo of Sketchflow - expression's version of wireframing + prototyping tool.

      I went in thinking what a nice time it is to be an IxD. All these tools coming out for us to play with and to finally bid farewell to Visio.


      So, anyway, sketchflow proved to be a disappointment right off the bat. Typical M$ developer worldview. Huge mess of menu options right and left, tabs galore and the rightclick property invokes a menu that induces vertigo.It is powerful no doubt. Data binding to sample tables was a snap. It seems definitely more powerful than Catalyst. It also promised to import Illustrator and Photoshop files. BUT ease of use was definitely not there.


      so, long story short, i am sticking to Catalyst. I just hope it releases quickly with some conditional logic built it for simple workflows a la Axure.


      Does anyone know of a release date yet?