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    Flex Framework RSL - Security Sandbox Violation

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      I have an application that loads and manipulates swfs - nothing unusual, just changing their frame, calling a function in them and listening for events bubbling up. The swfs grant access using Security.allowDomain("*"), and are loaded into the applications own Security and Application domains. The application resides at one domain - ONE.com, the swfs at another - content.TWO.com.


      content.TWO.com grants access to ONE.com through a crossdomain.xml file on the root. So far so good. The application can load and access the swfs without problems. Today I switched the framework linkage over to using the Flex framework RSLs and immediately lost access to the loaded swfs. Any attempt to manipulate the swfs causes the following error:


      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      SecurityDomain 'http://content.TWO.com/crossdomain.xml' tried to access incompatible context 'http://One.com/myApplicationWrapper.html'

      I have tried changing the location of the framework RSL, placing it locally to the application and accessing it with relative and absolute urls, but I still get the Sandbox Violation.


      Can anyone suggest what the problem is?