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    Flex swf cache issue in IE




      We are facing an important issue with the IE cache of the swf file. Could you please help us?


      For example, we built and put calendar.html & calendar.swf on server. We don't want users to download a 800 KB large swf file everytime when they access the web page, especially at a lower speed of network. However, although we coded some IE cache setting in calendar.html, like response.setHeader("Cache-Control" ...., IE still download the file from server sometimes instead of using the local one in cache.


      One of reasons is the cache size. If you set the size to 50 MB by default, it will be full very soon after you view some websites. Then IE will clean part of the cache. The cached swf file might be cleaned, or might not be. We never know. If it's cleaned and you access calendar.html, you will found out IE downloads the file again from server. To avoid this, users can enlarge the cache size, but the downloading still happen sometimes. Also, letting user enlarge the cache may not be a good and final solution.


      We want to force IE to use the local file everytime. If we updated the file, we want IE to download it in this case, and download it only once.


      So, we want to ask if you also have faced this kind of issue and how you did it? Please follow this topic or anyone is welcomed to send an email to me at evangelium@gmail.com


      Thank you very much.