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    Minimum resolution?


      On the system requirements it says that the display should be 1,280x900, but would it work on 1366x768?  Or will it just not install/run?  Thanks.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Someone in the forums tried to run Premiere on a 1366 x 768 display once.  There's no proof it was Adobe's fault, but he ended up buying a new graphics card when the current one started smoking.  Apparently the memory subsystem on the card overheated.


          Trying too hard to make the Premiere GUI 'fit' the weird display size?  We may never know.

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            willall Level 1

            ? Surly the resolution size should make no diffrent on the GPU, the comeputer I'm thinking about can also be upgraded to a full HD display with the same GPU.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Plain curiosity here.


              If your display does not meet minimum requirements, in all likelyhood the rest of the components will not either. Why try to install an advanced program on a sub-standard PC?

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                willall Level 1

                Well the system is a laptop, and the default display is 720p + (as I mentioned before) but you can also get the same system with a 1080p display... so all I'm talking about here is resolution, the spec's otherwise should be fine.  But I'm not sure how helpful a 1080p display will be on a small laptop screen.


                Hummm... is causing me head aches.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Sorry to be so critical, but IMO a laptop is great for capturing and a lot of other things, but for editing you need to have at least 2 x 7200 SATA disks, 4 GB memory on a fast Core2Duo as the absolute bare minimum, and that excludes AVCHD editing, just to start. Otherwise use a desktop.


                  Do you meet these minimum requirements with your laptop?

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                    willall Level 1

                    Yeah it should be fine, and I have seen premier running on lesser machines and still edit HDV without too much hassle.  I will defiantly switch to something a bit heftier and stationary eventually, but at the moment I need portability.  But I guess for editing, or any kind of photography, more resolution is always better...


                    P.s. This will make you laugh.  My current system four years old with a 1.7ghz cpu and 2gb of ram...so slow it hurts...

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
                      P.s. This will make you laugh.


                      No, it does not. It is a fact of life that everybody would want a very fast modern system, but it also is a fact of life that you can't invest all the time. These are rather uncertain times, there may be other priorities, it may be planned for the future, etc. Nothing to be ashamed of, but also not something to laugh about. If anything, I find it commendable that you try to make things work with what you have.

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        What kind of Laptops are you looking at that have these weird TV resolutions?  Most computer displays these days are 1440 x 900 or 1650 x 1050.



                        (By the way, I was pulling your leg about the smoking video card.  1366 x 768 should work fine.)

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                          willall Level 1

                          Thanks Harm.  Yeah not the easiest of times at the mo.  I had already started a project on another system but needed to finish it, so was just touching up on this system.  That being said it took forever, especially when the timeline preview does not play in real time


                          I'm swinging toward the 1080p resolution now, 768p just seems a little too small.  I'm on 1440x900 at the mo, so I don't know if loosing the vertical resolution would be so great.  As for these computers with weird TV aspect ratios, there's quite a few of the about now.  In fact most laptops seem to be 16:9 rather than 16:10, I guess because of the HD 'revolution'.


                          Still it would have been nice if there was something between the 1080 and 768 screen sizes, something a little more like 900.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 9

                            I've got to believe there are still plenty of 16:10 Laptops out there.