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    Having swapDepth problems - tweening and some more serious things




      I am new to actionscripting. I am facing a weired problem with my movie.

      I have a movie where there are several buttons which lift up on mouse hover and fall down on mouse out. Now these buttons are placed in such a way that they overlap each other on some areas (button1's right by button2...button2's head by button3 etc.). First when I hover over the buttons they behave properly but buttons going one under the other even though it is lifted and should be over all other buttons. Now I fix this problem with swapDepths on mouse over action, it works how want them to.

      Now on clicking each button a relevant content area should open above it covering all the buttons. Even that works but with problems. The content area show up but if I hover over it anyway and come near the clicked button's area that button shows up (obvious mouseover action). I tried to fix this with opening the content area on a different frame where I do not have these buttons, but still no help. Another problem is that the button now does not show frame tween on mouseover (swapDepths is added there). Sometimes it is showing though.

      Adding to my misery if I click on the content area's close button and want to go back to the all button's frame, it doesn't. All messy!!!! Can anyone help?