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    Color separations with Snow Leopard?


      Before installing Snow Leopard I was able to create PDF color separations by going to file > print. From there I changed the printer to Adobe PDF 9.0 and changed the Mode to Separations under Output. When the print button was pressed I would get a PDF file with all my CMYK and spot colors on separate pages in shades of black. This is the file I need to send to have negatives/plates made.


      With Snow Leopard the print to PDF command no longer works. I can still use Save As PDF, but that would require me to manually remove all colors except one and then change that one to shades of black. That process would need to be repeated for every color used. Does anyone have a work around or better way to create color separations? I have contacted Adobe and have an open case working this problem. There is currently a bit of confusion because the individual at customer support thinks I am having trouble printing color separations when I am actually having trouble saving color separations using the print command.