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    FW CS4 extension for rounded corners in css ?

    trinaz Level 1

      Any one know of an extension that would streamline creating jpg's with rounded columns/boxes in css html layouts ?  If not...is there a radius or arc type command that will automatically round the corners of a rectangle to a set radius ?


      Even better...can I create a custom "shape" that could be applied to rectangle/box corners that would create the rounding effect ?


      Thanks, Tim

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          Dave Hogue Level 2

          There are a two ways to make rounded corner rectangles, but you'll still need to slice up the image to use the rounded corners in a CSS-based layout.


          To make rounded rectangles:


          (1) Use the Rounded Rectangle Autoshape (it's in the drop-down selections beneath the regular rectangle tool)


          (2) Draw a regular rectangle and change the rounded settings in the Property Inspector - you can choose either pixels or percent in CS4. (Percent rounding was available in previous versions of Fireworks and is backward compatible; pixel rounding is new to CS4.)

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            Joyce J. Evans Erb

            What's really cool if you use a regular rectangle, apply curve roundness in the property inspector you can go to the paths panel and change corners individually. To do this use the subselect tool (white arrow), click OK to ungroup, select the the 2 corner points to change then click on your choice in the Path panel. I like the "sharpen points". This gives some rounded and square corners...very cool and easy.