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    Change Background Colors


      I read ebooks all the time, but I am new to Adobe Digital Editions.  Other e-reader programs i use have options so i can change the background color and text color.


      Is there a way to do this with ADE?


      I need this option because the bright white background on the computer screen gives me a headache after just a few minutes of reading. No the books I am currently wanting are not available in another format, so I must use ADE if I am to finish the series I have started.


      Thanks for the help in advance.

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          How come a question made on Sept 4, 2009 is yet unanswered in Sept 2010? (See my reply at http://forums.adobe.com/message/3140683#3140683).

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            To answer the original question - No, unfortunately there is no way within ADE to change the styling of any of the elements.


            To answer the second persons question.  While I (and other Adobe employees) occasionaly look at and answer questions on these forums, this forum is a "User to User" forum that has no official Adobe presence  (ie it's not part of my job or anyone else's job to look at and answer questions on this forum).  If you require answers in a timely fashion then you should open up a support case by going to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and clicking on 'Submit a web case'.

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              Looks like adobe does not have this feature (which is totally lame, come on guys. )


              however,  if you are on a pc you can use the built in windows magnifier to invert  the colors on your screen.

              go to start, search for magnifier, look in  the settings for a color inversion option.

              I believe there is a similar function on Mac but haven't looked for how to do is specifically.

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                I agree, come on. That person that styled the app needs sacking. Its poor quality and no customization for people. Some people would like to be able to see the book for god sake.


                App Rating 0/10.

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                  First I want to thank you and any employee that helps out on their own time. I would suggest to management that a user to user support forum is almost useless. I have seen too many responses by well meaning but inexperienced users giving advice and not giving the correct answer. In addition, adobe has not made it easy for people to get help that they need. When documentation and instruction is lacking, it is not up to the user to pay for support. (just in case that is what they expect)



                  More importanly, and your suggestion with putting in a support case was probably the best for this user, it does not help the rest of us. Adobe is constantly changing the interface of its products and a simple thing could be hidden. It is not up to the user to figure this out. Adobe, does not seem to care in this department. It is distancing itsefl away from customers more and more over the years. Adobe products, although they are getting better in user interface, is one of the more difficult popular interfaces for a product out on the market.



                  I and other users would appreciate it if you passed this on to management.


                  In the meantime, I as another IT professional, commend your trying to give good advice.


                  Thank You.