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    Question about hosting - Flex/Coldfusion


      I'm wanting to use Flex to display Coldfusion info.

      just went through the tutorial at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/fcf_getting_started_coldfusion_flex_02.html and I got the example to work on my local machine. I was also able to do the same with my own data. But the example uses remoting services and I don't know what my hosting providers have on their servers.

      I'm using CrystalTech.com, which is an Adobe partner. But they said they didn't offer Flash remoting on their shared servers.


      I'm not sure if Flash remoting is what I need to get Flash to access the cfc's.


      Can someone tell me if I need to switch hosts (which would be a real pain) and look for a host that has Flash remoting or if that is even what I need?