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    Flex/Net Connection and the Proper way to do things

    EMelville Level 1

      Hello, I just have a question regarding flex and FMS.


      My application uses Chat, Video, and Image Sharing. (Over a Flash Media Streaming Server)


      However, currently each of those little attributes uses a seperate "Net Connection": nc1, nc2, nc3.


      Is this the best practice or should I consolidate it all into just "One" net connection? Maybe using a class to accomplish this. Or is it a good idea to keep them seperate?


      Let me know you thoughts.

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          I know it has been a number of months... but did you ever get a reasonable answer?

          I'm working thru a similar problem, and am trying to find out the best solution.


          I'm no longer using the latst FLVPlayback Component, because i needed the flexibility of the NetStream.

          Now I'm trying to conserve connections, by having a single NetConnection handle


          Playing a live/recorded stream,

          publishing a recorded stream,

          and accessing a chat room.


          thanks drew